Michelle Quance Photography - Update on my post about Ashley Furniture!

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I recently talked with corporate offices, of Ashley Furniture this morning as a final attempt to resolve the matter. They called the store in Winston-Salem and they are handling the situation.

As soon as I wrote my complaint the store called and informed me that they are coming to take the old mattress away, refunding my delivery money, and sending out another $50 voucher to use ASAP. The manager did not call, but had his assistant do so and she said how sorry she was about for the incident. I am pleased with this action.

Yay! Now, I will purchase more since they have made amends to a bad experience with the delivery.

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Michelle Quance Photography Poor Business Ethics, Sub-Par Photography

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I am writing to warn other brides who may want to use Michelle Quance Photography. I worked with 2 of her employees-Summer and Kelly and spent $3170 on awful photography.

I cannot re-create my wedding day and I have only 5 decent photos of the 460 photos taken. Lighting was poor, photos were not focused properly, they were not clean or crisp. Above all I was promised natural-looking and non-posed, photojournalistic photos. Michelle did not deliver and does not stand behind her work.

She refuses to refund my money and has consulted a lawyer as she has read some of my online complaints and comments.

Search elsewhere for a good quality photographer who will deliver. I have been in tears over my photos and it has cause stress in mine and my husband's marriage since we have received the photos.

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Please contact Michelle Quance Photography for the "FULL STORY". Also please note comments posted by KD416, the original author, as she tried to remove her complaint.


she can't refund that money if she they already did the work! your dumb!


scottTheMan is real shut up and get a life, and go annoy your husband with these *** comment..if hasn't left you already!!!


wooow ur probably 60 years old and dosent understand real photography!! michelle quance photography is modern and timless!! so shut-up!

to friend of the quance's #633073

Wow. Great grammar. With support like yours, Michelle Quance photography must be very happy.


ummmmmm that is my mom ur all talking about!!!! and u don't even know her!!! she is an amazing photographer!!!


Michelle Quance is an amazing photographer!!!!!!!!!!! just shutup!!!


UPDATE: I have attempted to remove this post (although I do stand by my words) however this site will not allow me to delete it.

Wow. 'ScottTheMan' it would appear your judgement over this particular matter and comments are about as accurate as your spelling and grammar skills!

AnotherShooter: I agree-buyer beware as with all services!

*If everyone will note, it was not Michelle's photography skills in question but rather her two fellow employees. If I didn't think she was qualified, I would never have contacted her to begin with. I have seen her photography and it is beautiful. This however, was an unfortunate situation.


Buyer beware. When hiring a photographer you neeed to do your research. Michelle is at the top of her game.

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Awww, I'm sorry your pictures didn't turn out well. Maybe you should consider yourself lucky to have a man that tolorates your winning about it.

Start living your life, take pictures of the good times you have if any. Get a life!

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Awww, I'm sorry your pictures didn't turn out well. Maybe you should consider yourself lucky to have a man that tolorates your winning about it.

Start living your life, take pictures of the good times you have if any. Get a life!


I'm so sorry for your loss! You are so right in that you cannot recreate that day, you should definately get your money back! Good that she has a lawyer, now you can get one and the truth will come out.

As for this causing strain on your marriage, I TOTALLY understand. But, sweetie, the wedding day was the ceremony, the marriage is the event! It really would be nice to have those photos, but you will ALWAYS have your memories no matter what! Don't let this ruin your love twice, it would be such a shame. Take your 5 photos, copy them to keep them safe, then take them to a professional to see what can be done to enhance them, if you like. It is amazing what can be done with photos these days! You can even put an image of someone in one photo into another photo, so maybe there is a way to highlight the few photos you have of your wedding day.

And, then take more photos. And there will be many more! Your first of many things done as husband and wife, your children, your trips, so many wonderful things. Don't let her take these from you. Being angry or upset is understandable, but don't let a few photos that could have been lost in a fire years from now anyway, ruin your MEMORIES of that day. I know, easier said than done, but if your man was worth marrying, he's worth loving despite the missing pics. Convince your wedding party to dress formal and gather for photos if you want. I know you cannot recreate the entire scene, and you wanted natural poses, but maybe something is better than nothing here, and you got the best something. Let your home and heart have peace, give that woman a *** of a fight in court and good luck to you!

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